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Chairman's Message
Chairman of Albanna group

Dr. Abdulqader Albanna | Chairman & CEO

When we started the Group in 1976, a short time after the United Arab Emirates began their epic journey in the modern world history, I had little inkling of where business would take us, except that we meant well, with high ideals of professionalism and hopes of success.

As years went by, time has vindicated our plans. The Group expanded from trading to contracting, from engineering to freight forwarding, from printing to media. Each of our ventures has been an accomplishment and it is with pride that today I can present a vibrant set of companies. All share the same ethos of dedication, ambition and quality. Our staff and workers, many of whom have been with us for years, are loyal not only to the Group but more importantly to the Customers whose satisfaction fosters our achievements.

It is an added satisfaction that, whilst remaining successful as businesses, the Companies have continued the traditions of the Albanna Group to be safe, socially responsible, respectful of the environment and mindful of the expectations and needs of their clients.

Mission Statement

Every Company in Albanna Group is dedicated to providing timely, efficient and complying services. It will abide by the contracts it signs and make every effort to gain and maintain the satisfaction of its Customers.


  • Profitability and growth
  • Through Customer satisfaction


  • Professional attitudes in all respects
  • Dedication to the mission and objectives
  • Team spirit