Business Principles

Company Profile

Albanna Conwood (ABC) was incorporated in 1985 as a subsidiary of Albanna Group, a UAE owned and UAE based business concern, itself established in Dubai in 1976. Its corporate allegiance gives Albanna Conwood access to a broad bank of resources and to deep, trustworthy roots in the community.

Albanna Conwood (ABC) was created to take part in the growth and development of Dubai as a metropolis of world stature. Although capable of any type of medium-sized construction, ABC specialized in top-end residential units, luxury villas in particular. Since its creation, ABC has completed hundreds of mansions, villas and buildings

The expertise of the company covers structural works, architectural finishes, external arrangements (car park, boundary walls, ancillary buildings), including MEP installations. ABC' skills include design, construction, installation, coordination of all trades, commissioning and maintenance services. ABC has applied those skills to residential and commercial buildings as well as factories and industrial installations.
As for all successful companies, the strength of ABC is in the experience, the loyalty, the dedication and the commitment of its people. It is also, more importantly, in the fidelity of its customers. Indeed ABC has always been attentive to the quality and timeliness of its services. ABC has thus acquired a reputation of dependability and quality which adds to the quality of life of its clients. That eminence together with its people and capital, is one of its essential assets. To preserve and enhance this asset, ABC is very careful, whenever considering a project, to correctly understand the works requirements and to ensure that it will scrupulously meet all of them, including the standard of finishes and completion time. ABC is particularly proud that it has consistently met quality targets and deadlines. The status of ABC in the luxury construction market is to no little extent due to that rare achievement.

Albanna Conwood Construction looks forward to the privilege and opportunity to add to its portfolio of successful projects and satisfied Customers.